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Megan Klimen

Megan is Founder and COO of 3Scan, a biotech company that offers automated microscopy services and software for the 3D analysis of cells, tissues and organs.

Megan also helped in founding and running the BIL Conference series, and has experience in running projects all across the world. Her passions include travel, disaster relief, and growing small companies into large ones. Currently, she is involved in Start-Up Chile.

Megan has a degree in Biology and Anthropology from UC San Diego.

Al Goldstein

To give back

Al is the co-founder and CEO of AvantCredit.com, one of the fastest growing national online providers of consumer loans. By utilizing advanced algorithms and machine-learning capabilities, AvantCredit offers a unique and highly customized approach to the personal loan process.

Prior to AvantCredit, Al co-founded Pangea Properties, where he serves as the Exec Chairman of the Board. Al is also an active member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and America Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and spends time mentoring young entrepreneurs. He received a Bachelor of Science in Finance with a Mathematics Minor from the University of Illinois where he graduated with High Honors and is a CFA charter holder.

Ela Madej

We should be using the humanity's resources to make this world a bit better for everyone.

Ela is a tech entrepreneur and a Founding Partner at Fifty Years, an early stage VC fund that backs entrepreneurs solving the world’s biggest problems with technology. She's a Y Combinator alum who previously co-founded Base CRM, the software development company Applicake, and was a Partner at Innovation Nest, a Europe-focused VC firm. With Fifty Years, Ela has invested in over 30 private companies in areas such as synthetic biology, energy, space tech, health tech, food tech, autonomous vehicles, and more. Ela also runs Impact.tech, a platform for technologists in Silicon Valley who want to combine purpose with profit.

Philip Stehlik

Co-Founder of Centrifuge
I want to create the shift towards a reality where "doing good" and "doing well" are not different things but rather two sides of the same coin. By joining Founders Pledge we create a new norm: It is easy and perfectly normal to give back and support others while having personal success.

Philip is an entrepreneur, who lives in the startup world since the early 2000s. After his move from Germany to San Francisco in 2006, he worked with a variety of companies in social, mobile, fintech, and enterprise software. He started multiple companies, which raised more than $150 million in angel and VC funding and he led projects to acquisition. Philip was CTO, CPO, developed a physical card game and cares about personal development and community. He served on multiple boards and advises startups on technology, product, teams, and operations. He has been active in the world of crypto-economics since 2016 and most recently co-founded http://centrifuge.one where he builds a distributed protocol for global commerce.

Chris Morton


Chris is co-founder and CEO of Lyst, a fashion search platform. Previously, he was a VC investor at Benchmark Capital and Balderton Capital.

Chris has also been a startup mentor at programs including Seedcamp, Launchpad and Launch48. He has an MA in Physics and Philosophy from Cambridge University.

David Furlong

Co-founder, CTO
I choose to vote with my time and money for the way I want the world to be.

Currently working on making it easier for charities to find, manage and retain volunteers and resources using technology.

Studied computer science and philosophy at Oxford.

Jan Hinrichs

Founders Pledge creates a great incentive to thrive for excellence knowing that an exits will bring tons of benefits for NGOs around the world. Proud and happy to be part of this wave.

I graduated with a bilingual degree in BA from FH Münster and Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, then founded Beluga Linguistics a specialized translation service provider focused on fast growing enterprises, mostly in tech. Portfolio companies have been MOO, XING, LAST.FM, BEBO, LOOKOUT, ADROLL, TINDER, SWATCH, and others.

Marcos Martin Larrañaga

Founds Pledge is one of the smartest way I found to do good and enjoy doing it. I presume that in a few years we will be a very interesting community of sensible and successful entrepreneurs

Marcos has broad experience in business management, fundraising processes and investor relations. He has served as a Board Member at several early stage companies giving strategic advice. Marcos has +15 years of experience in the European energy sector and is Co-founder of B-strategies, co-founder of the European Pellets Council, co-founder of Menorca Millennials and co-founder of Torret Road. He holds an Executive degree from MDT, a Master’s degree in Business Administration from INDAE Business School and a Master’s Degree in Engineering from the UVa, having specialised in the energy industry.

Mohsen Khalkhali

Partner at Iratel Ventures.
At Iratel Ventures, we’re building a family of entrepreneurs and work with this family to provide bigger opportunities to each other and future founders. Our abundance philosophy and givefirst values guide us to pledge a portion of our personal exits to worthy causes. We believe entrepreneurship is the highest form of human endeavour. These causes are the best methods of helping people on their way in getting there: Gifted children education, Entrepreneurship education and Healthcare venture philanthropy

Millennial leader values:

  • Empowerment over managerialsim.
  • Openness and sharing over exclusivity.
  • Transparency over discretion.
  • Maker culture over separation.
  • Overall engagement and results over loyalty.

Millennials today make up more than half the workforce. They are taking centre stage. Their expectations are vastly different from those of previous generations. They expect accelerated responsibility and paths to leadership. They seek greater purpose in their work. And they want greater flexibility in how that work is done.

I am passionate about transforming these values to practical business success. I am doing this by identifying, establishing and growing high-tech startups operated by teams who focus on long term value.

Thomas Britton

There's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking...

I grew up at a beach.
I moved away from the beach to play football.
I co-founded syndicateroom to fill the void from not playing football.
When I'm done with syndicateroom, I'll likely move to a beach.

Tom moved to the UK to play football and after three fairly successful years realised it was time to focus on his non-sporting career. Before joining SyndicateRoom as a co-founder Tom worked in product development on a number of software-based projects including managing the development of the mobile applications for TheTrainline.
Tom completed his MBA at Cambridge where he focused on developing start-ups and has taken a keen interest in ventures focused on helping other start-ups. Tom leads SyndicateRoom's website development team though his skills and experience ensure that he does a lot more than just that. In his spare time Tom volunteers for Camp Footprints, rock climbs, and still plays the odd five aside game.

James Robert Meadows

It's motivating to think that our work could transform the smaller charities we're supporting.

Product guy & father of four boys. Love brand communities, futurism and family.

Duncan Selby Knox

True charity occurs only when there are no notions of giving, giver, or gift.

Failed physics teacher. Dog owner. Cofounder and VP Marketing, Hubbub.

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