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By: Alex Comninos

8 startups driving global financial inclusion

Is financial inclusion just another buzzword in fintech, or can it make a real difference to the poor? Our tech expert breaks down the most promising startups innovating on it right now.


By: Alex Comninos

10 startups reshaping businesses impact on climate change

As the economy struggles to adapt, many tech startups are setting an example for how to be environmen friendly. These are the most promising new businesses tackling climate change right now.


By: Ben Clifford

Confess to giving

No one wants to be obnoxious about their philanthropy, but being vocal about it can actually multiply your impact. We break down how to be an advocate without seeming preachy.

Insights from the Research Team


By: Marinella Capriati

Corporate Campaigns for Animal Welfare Executive Summary

Founders Pledge reviews the evidence on animal welfare charity The Humane League, and their corporate campaigns to reduce animal suffering in factory farms. How effective is their strategy?


By: GiveWell

Deworming Children Summary and Giving Recommendations

These deworming interventions are some of the most effective ways of increasing children’s health and education. Learn more about this unexpected evidence with Founders Pledge and GiveWell research.

Philanthropic Thinking


By: John Halstead

Mental Health Executive Summary

Mental Health is one of the most underfunded and neglected philanthropic causes in the world. Learn how donors can make a difference by giving to the most impactful charities.