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Impact Journeys

Impact Journeys

By: Jeremy Le Van

Is silicon valley solving the problems that matter most?

A successful entrepreneur ponders the culture change in tech, and whether more effort is required for entrepreneurs to have real social impact. His conclusion is clear.

Impact Journeys

By: Ben Medlock

The simple path to impact

Learn how Ben Medlock, technologist and founder of Swiftkey, applied his lessons from business to his philanthropy. Find out which charitable donation he found most impactful.

Impact Journeys

By: Damien Lane

Transforming through philanthropy

Investor Damien Lane used to allocate his philanthropy without much care, until an event completely changed his outlook. He breaks down how his giving has transformed as a result.

Impact Journeys

By: Matt Hunter

What selling my business taught me about altruism

Want to give back to your community when your business scales? Entrepreneur Matt Hunter shares his most important lessons for smart donating after he sold his startup to Yelp.

Impact Journeys

By: Matt Hunter

The art of impactful giving

Finding the right charity can be difficult. A philanthropist and entrepreneur reveals how he used principles from investing to find the most transparent and effective charities to donate to.

Impact Journey

By: Alex Depledge

I never thought I would exit

When British entrepreneur Alex Depledge exited her company, she had no strategy for giving back. Founders Pledge provided accountability and helped her stay true to her values with a few essential services.

Impact Journeys

By: Sorosh Tavakoli

What I learned after 5 months of charity research

When Sorosh Tavakoli sold his startup, he decided to focus on finding the best charities to donate part of his proceeds to. This is what he found.



By: Rebecca Roden

Beyond the Pledge: Our Charity Matching Pilot

Giving time and skills to non-profits can feel fulfilling, but it’s difficult to know just how impactful these collaborations actually are, and how to do them well. So last year, we decided to find out.


By: Sjir Hoeijmakers

Our Value Discovery Approach

When it comes to philanthropy, there’s no ‘one size fits all.’ Our researchers dig deep, to help you match your intrinsic values to the latest evidence on effectiveness. Learn more.


By: Alex Comninos

10 startups reshaping businesses impact on climate change

As the economy struggles to adapt, many tech startups are setting an example for how to be environmen friendly. These are the most promising new businesses tackling climate change right now.


By: Alex Comninos

8 startups driving global financial inclusion

Is financial inclusion just another buzzword in fintech, or can it make a real difference to the poor? Our tech expert breaks down the most promising startups innovating on it right now.


By: Adam Millest

Why saving lives is more complicated than you'd think

We’ve all seen the adverts: ‘an incredibly small sum donation could save a child’s life!’ But is it really that simple? And if we believe it is, does it affect our ability to really make a difference?


By: Ieva Kajokaite

Abuse of power comes as no surprise

Now is the time to scrutinise the power structures of fundraising.


By: Ben Clifford

Confess to giving

No one wants to be obnoxious about their philanthropy, but being vocal about it can actually multiply your impact. We break down how to be an advocate without seeming preachy.

Team News

Member info

By: Thea Thorsen

How to add Founders Pledge membership to your LinkedIn profile

Founders Pledge is a global community of entrepreneurs finding and funding solutions to social problems. Here we demonstrate how members can highlight their commitment.